There's just something about prose fiction that no other art form can capture in quite the same way. Since I was very young, I've been an avid reader, and as I grew older, the desire to write my own stories took a deep hold. While art and illustration was my first love, the writing bug found me and I've been lost to it ever since. 

I attended the University of Wisconsin - Madison and received my Bachelor's degree in English with an emphasis on Creative Writing. It was during this time that my focus shifted entirely to writing, and it was fiction that first drove me. The second short story I ever wrote was published in a local literary magazine, and my first short story collection won an annual competition run by the university.  

My style has been described to me as vivid and extraordinarily visual. I have one completed novel which I'm developing into a series, and I'm currently working on a standalone novel. I also have an award-winning collection of short stories, and am working on a new one.  

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